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5 definitions by cclark

Swahili for shoe lover, being Smart and intelligent
Jamel goes to the school for smart people
by cclark March 14, 2007
86 43
the worst thing alive. A jail rape is where you get ass raped by five convicts foot long dicks at the same time. In the end you get a pineapple shoved up the ass.
While I was in jail my friend got jail raped. Later I ask him about it and he said " They did him like a dog."
by cclark March 16, 2007
79 47
when a girls asleep, you beat off on her face and when she wakes up its crispy on her face
I gave his mom a crispy kreme.
by cclark March 28, 2007
4 5
The only man in the world who can kick Chuck Norris's ass.
OJ Simpson made Chuck Norris cry by kicking him in the face.
by cclark October 03, 2007
27 153
where u slap your balls on to your partners face until they bleed
My friend gave my mom a fastball.
by cclark March 15, 2007
9 406