A man who gets a aquitted by a jury that "doesn`t believe" in DNA.
Person 1: "Yo man DNA said OJ Simpson did it."
Person 2: "Pfft. What's DNA? Fucking racist, that's what."
by CJDUB January 30, 2008
a man who was acquitted of murdering two people, his ex-wife and her male friend, though he did have to pay a fine, of which he has paid little. He was a famous football player. Reasons as to why he was found not guilty are sketchy, including a bloody glove that didnt fit OJ's hand, which presumably was used by the murderer, and pressure to find him not guilty based on race: the race card.

nicknamed the Juice. in 2007 OJ was convicted of several unrelated felonies.
The OJ Simpson case had a very controversial verdict.

"Man you just avoided punishment for beating up that kid! Kinda like OJ Simpson...the first time."
by Haephestion February 03, 2008
The person that retards put down becasue they don't know the words "Not Guilty" mean
Person one: OJ simpson totally killed those people

Person two: But the court said Not Guilty

Person one: Yeah, but he still did it

Person two: How do you know? Were you in the room when OJ supposedly did it?

Person one: No, I just assume things and believe only what I want to belive

Person one: Oh, ok
by Spikesy July 18, 2006
1) A bad ass motherfucker

2) A real pimp

3) A nigger
1) Jake: "I wouldn't mess with OJ Simpson"

2) Bryce: "OJ Simpson was a proper pimp, most pimps just smack up their hoes, OJ killed his. He didn't take any chances"

3) Nick: "OJ Simpson is black"
by Adam Sobieraj July 02, 2010
Similar to the Danny Glover. It's when you jam your fist up someone's ass (male or female), remove it, all covered in blood and shit (resembling a bloody glove), and proceed to choke the person until rendering them unconcious.
After I gave that chick an "O.J. Simpson" she didn't shit right for a week.
by kyspsm October 05, 2006
when you use the argument that the condom doesnt fit,so you can get a raw fuck,always leave the condom by the bed
bob took a viagra and told sally the condom didnt fit,a classic o j simpson defence to where he didnt have to wear a condom
by jesus fuck shit July 31, 2006
When the courts try to make up for all the wrongs ever done to a black person through OJ's redemption.
To Kill a Mockinbird is a racist book? That's okay, OJ Simpson is free.
Huckleberry Finn? That's okay, just think of OJ.
by Cleopatra05 September 30, 2005

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