over-doing something
he O.D.ed with that fight
by toudai_ronin April 13, 2003
1. Overdose. Using too much of a drug.

2. Over-do. Doing more than someone wants or needs.

3. Overdrive. distortion on a guitar.
1. He ODed on Acid and ended up in the hospital.

2. That test was OD hard

3. Turn on the OD, I want to play solme Metallica.
by ThroatSlit July 12, 2006
Really the smiley ":D".

Occured for the first time when norwegian AQ2 players were trying to say ":D" on irc, but the word ØD came because of the differece in norwegian and american keyboard settings.
Hahaha that was funny ØD
by damien_ May 18, 2003
Overdose. When a person takes to much of a drug, or drugs, and thier body can not handle it. Overdosing does not always include death. Overdose to some Prescription drugs may just be severe reactions such as Siezures, Confusion, and Nausea and if not looked after right away; Death.
Drug overdose's are sometimes caused on purpose to commit suicide, or self harm. Many drug overdose's with prescription drugs are cause by misreading of labels written by a pharmacist.
Narcotic Drug overdose can be caused by irresponsible behaviour towards the drug, or the intense addiction of the drug.
Jim Morrison O.D 'd on Heroin that he thought was cocaine at the time. The Doctors tried to revive him by putting him in a bathtub. Morrison died because his body did not react to Heroin the same, but his girlfriend at the time, being a heroin addict could have taken what he had, and be alive.
by Jessica Fahey July 05, 2007
1. Overdose

When someone takes too many pills and enters a state of shock, sometimes resulting in death.

2. OD

When someone's behavior or actions are just too much for someone else's liking. This is usually excessive or annoying behavior. In cases such as this, the first person is said to be OD.
After hours of circling around looking for women to bring back home...

Arnold: Let's go home, man.
Nico: Maybe around the corner.
Arnold: Come on, man. I'm tired.
Nico: Wait, hold on. There should be chicks two blocks from here.
Arnold: You for real?
Nico: Yea, man. I know they're there.
Arnold: Nico, you're OD man.
by ladiesmanfromnj July 05, 2012
Overdoing it, over-dosing
I can't believe she drank that entire wine bottle. That's o-d.
She died because she o-ded on her pills.
by MiSZ N3W YAWK May 15, 2008
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