Outdoor grown, mainly referring to cannabis.
That banana kush OD was so good i wanted to rape myself.
by bigdickdrummerwhohuntsghosts April 16, 2011
Can be a name, most common for a nickname as Ode or Oddington. Usually a girl that is pretty, a little bit self-concious, and will be famous one day. Can be stubborn from time to time, but is the best friend a person can have.
Od is dang hot.
by Chickydoo124 October 31, 2010
Over Doing something.
Yo man stop makin fun of him you ODing it.
by Jamiiiiiiiiiiiiie June 25, 2009
to overdose (v.)
over doing it (v.)
over done (adj.)
Jonny Saric (n.)
Jonny Saric is OD.
by Jonny Saric May 24, 2009
acronym that means on deck
are you od?
by sexybeast013 October 28, 2009
an overdose of drugs, especially illegal ones
He almost had a life threatening od.
by The Return of Light Joker July 12, 2009
Someone who is going overboard with the situation.
(Standing in line while getting their lunch.)
Person A: I don't even know why I go nachos, I didn't really want it.
Person B: So throw it away.
(Principal Ms. Lee walks by and Person A dumps their lunch on her)
Person A: That's O.D., son!
by DJ SKILLZ May 14, 2007

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