Over Dose. Mostly used in the slang way as in, it went past the limit:
That was O.D when the police killed the innocent lady.
by Jomairy January 15, 2003
overdose; generally fatal, in so much as that one's system cannot handle the quantity of drug being pumped into it; hence death; generally a body-wide systems failure.
as drugs become the more popular venue of entertainment/escape the rate of O.D. rises in accordance.
by Ilianivich March 15, 2003
Over Doing it
the way jesus got beat was o.d
by Eric April 03, 2004
To over-do; An unnecessary overexageration.
You swam through the Atlantic? That's O.D. Stop lying...
by Daphya .aka. Melizzah A. December 26, 2004
over dose
I o.d.ed on crack.
by The Dickey March 15, 2003
To "Over Do" it or take it to far.;over doing something.
Putting Hair removal gel in her shampoo was O D!
by bscurry5288 November 03, 2006
Too much
thats OD
or dont OD on the soda.
by Khazzmirah February 20, 2004
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