1. Shot for Overdose or overdosing on sth(typically a drug)

2. An obscene amount, a very great number
1. John od'ed on heroin.

2. Warren Buffet got OD money.
Becky sucked OD dicks when she was in college. She was the go-to slut on campus.
by youngvito September 12, 2011
over dosed, over did something
Oh my god dat car accident was O.D., I said you could have a sip but you just O.D.'d on my soda.
by >[BoBbY d]< April 20, 2008
Over Doing
Why is this book so big?

The Teacher is O.D when it comes to reading!!
by Guerldy April 07, 2011
O.D. can stand of overdose/over doing/too much of something or also oh dayum!
john- See that girl over there? yeah i tapped her.
matt- O.D.!!!!!!!!

matt- shit i dropped my phone again
john- O.D.!!
by o.d. that niggas dirty November 30, 2009
the extreme of any situation.

(od'ing, od'ed)
"mike beat the shit out of ralph. he OD'ed"

"that movie had me OD scared"
by misskillasmile October 15, 2008
*Acronym for "overdose".

*Acronym for "Olive-Drab", a green-grey color, used often in the military.

*Acronym for "overdo", "overdone", "overdid".
"OD is the predecessor to camouflage."
by Dave November 03, 2004
Overdose, Overdo, or Overdramatize. Can be used to describe almost anything that one thinks is over-something.
Teacher: Okay, that's a detention for you.
Kid: Man, that's OD!

It's hot outside. That's OD.

Teacher: You will need to do 20 problems tonight.
Kid: That's OD, man!

She was hitting on MY boyfriend. That's OD!
by awesomeperson'sawesome September 15, 2011

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