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When you intentionally grab or bumb into a womans brest area.
Anthony just boobed her!
by <=-Q-=> November 14, 2004
28 7
When a woman attacks you with her breast area.
Opps sorry i just boobed you.
by Jeffscriv June 22, 2007
21 2
Past-tense verb describing the action that occures when one intentionally or accidentally attacks and hurts themselves with their boobs
xxbrpunkfreakxx: I boobed myself with your shoulder
by Vertigo October 18, 2004
10 3
When boys get kicked in the balls it's called getting sacked, so when girls get punched in the boob it is called getting boobed
" Ow! You just boobed me!
by alsdkjhfsahldkjsfhl October 22, 2011
4 0
Getting so distracted by a girl's breasts as you're talking to her that you cannot focus on the conversation, and take sneak peeks every time she looks away from you.
Dude, I was totally boobed when she was talking about her classes being so difficult this year, and acted like a complete jerk, saying okay repeatedly!
by urban.dick September 17, 2011
4 2
When, during sex, a man gets knocked out by his partners boobs because she's bouncing too much.
Alex K. got boobed by Haley during sex and sued her for breaking his face.
by HOEZNDBTCHZ November 27, 2010
3 2
Accidentally contacting a womans breast.
Dude, I was walking down the hallway and got boobed by that really hot girl.

by Thatonefunnyguy23456789 September 06, 2010
1 0