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Accepted United Kingdom shortened form of Old Age Pensioner (OAP) and used on official documents in this form. This national agreed defination is also valid in Wales and with a degree of miss-pronunication valid in Scotland
I'm an OAP but I can understand your site

Wise old (over 65) year surfer
by carthisis April 04, 2005
Old Age Pensioner, Someone regularly seen using a 'zimmer frame' and carrying a colostomy bag. Possibly has an problem with an overactive thyroid gland.
Person 1: My Gran is going down the post office to get her pension
Person 2: Becuase shes an OAP.. Duh!! Fassyhole ._.
by Ferd January 03, 2005
Open Air Pub. Taking place on the lower field at McGill University at the beginning of each semester.
"Man, we spent, like, all afternoon at OAP. Then we went to Poli 227 totally trashed."
by claire February 03, 2005
Someone who is old and putrid. Generally the old hag living opposite.
Yuck, that women is ancient and smells like rotting dead people. Yep she must be an O.A.P.
Old Aged Pensioner
by fghjklm October 14, 2010
an abbreviation for Obsessed And Proud

can be pronounced as ope.
AAR fan: I LOVE the All American Rejects! I have all their posters up in my room and I own both of their cds!

friend: you're really weird.

AAR fan: no, I'm O.A.P!
by hopscotch123 August 13, 2007
1. An acronym for One Act Play.

2. A UIL competition in which a play with only one act is performed.
I made allstar cast in OAP!
by itsjustluck March 27, 2004
Over Affectionate Parents.
You walk into the room, and your beloved parents are going at it asif they're 40 year old amateur soft-porn stars.
It's enough to make any innocent teenager feel physically sick.
Olivia: 'I walked into the room today and my parents were totally making out and aahhh they make me sick! They're fucking OAP's.'
by opn94 June 22, 2009
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