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To work hard or to make something out of nothing.
Dave: ''Christ, Jim works hard doesn't he?!''
Shamus: ''Yeah hes a real grafter.''
by Ferd December 30, 2004
Cockney rhyming slang : Battle Cruiser - Boozer (Pub)
Lets go down the battle cruiser for a pint
by Ferd December 30, 2004
Old Age Pensioner, Someone regularly seen using a 'zimmer frame' and carrying a colostomy bag. Possibly has an problem with an overactive thyroid gland.
Person 1: My Gran is going down the post office to get her pension
Person 2: Becuase shes an OAP.. Duh!! Fassyhole ._.
by Ferd January 03, 2005
when someone tries to be friends with everybody even someone they are beefing with
He want to friendly bob since his boys not around
by Ferd December 11, 2003
Cockney rhyming slang : Zorba the Greek - Leak (Urination)
I'm going for a zorba the greek.
by Ferd December 30, 2004
ugly, not attractive at all, or worthless
Man that girl nickels.
by Ferd December 11, 2003
loud music in cars
Man that car got that slap
by Ferd December 11, 2003

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