Orangeville District Secondary School (O.D.S.S) is a Orangeville high school (no shit). Although white kids are the majority, there still are enough non-white people to kick the ass of anybody stupid enough to be racist. 'Famous' for an alledged 'fight club', but anybody who goes to this school/lives in Orangeville will know it was blown out of proportion. Points of interst at O.D.S.S are; The Side (a.k.a The Skid Pit, but the side kids will kick your ass for saying that), The Front, The Cafe (eating is cool!), and The 'Cool Kids Hall', (mostly full of fags, bitches, and preps). ODSS is located very very very close by Tony Rose Arena, where we buy our snacks.
Jimmy: O.D.S.S. is full of niggers!
John: What are you talking about? There's like ten black kids.
Jimmy: Ten niggers is ten niggers too many.
John: You can explain that to Jamar. I think you heard you.


O.D.S.S is known for its 'Fight Club', which is a load of shit that never happened.
by Comrade 47 March 15, 2008
Top Definition
Orangeville District Secondary School
also referred to as "Over Dosed, Slightly Stoned" or "Over Dose Secondary School"

made famous for inventing the popper bottle, and making international news with their fight clubs.
"I went to O.D.S.S. before I wound up in the slamma"
by purebliss October 05, 2006
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