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Deep Dickin' Action
Last night she called me over for some DDA!
by Braveheat May 02, 2005
Dutch Dick Addiction.

The effect of sleeping with someone Dutch and becoming infatuated with their amazingly proportioned penis; both girth and length. A phenomenon that can take over whole friendship groups once this knowledge is shared amongst friends.
My flatmate starting dating a Dutch man, then my other flatmate slept with one of his Dutch mates. At this point it was only polite to find out what all the fuss was about so I spelt with their Dutch friend visiting from Amsterdam. So the term DDA was born – none of us were disappointed with Dutch Dick!
#dutch #dick #addiction #perfect #penis
by Elles May 09, 2014
Drunk Drivers Against Students. Group formed to satire the highly hypocritical SADD (Students Against Drunk Drivers). Join here...
"I joined the DDAS today, we need more drunks on the roads."
by Vorbis Yuckabitobis June 08, 2005
1. Dumb dickass.
2. Dick-dumbass.
Person 1: Wow, Ian just called my friend a gay emo kid.
Person 2: What a DDA.
#dick #dumb #ass #dumbass #dumbfuck
by Eclectic Bass June 26, 2010
Doctorate in Dumb Ass; someone that is clueless; stupid; taking up space; brainless
Man, that person has a D D A degree.

#stupid #dumb #clueless #idiot #braindead. brainless
by polo59 September 13, 2008
Acronym for "digital displays of affection"
Like PDA, but on social networking sites for all to see.
"I had to defriend Aaron and Jordynn, because their statuses were constant DDA.
#trolling #lovey-dovey #sickly #obnoxious #annoying
by ElleBeverly July 18, 2011
Dedicated Dumb Ass, someone who works alot of overtime, or extra hours.
I cant believe Doris worked so many hours last week, she sure is a dda.
#dedicated #dumb #worker #overtime #alot
by Lisa Lee April 20, 2008
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