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8 definitions by purebliss

a prescription painkiller that poor kids use for an easy high. It can be swallowed, or snorted for effects.
dude, we're all outa weed, but I just found some of my mom's codiene. maybe tonight won't be so bad after all.
by purebliss February 11, 2006
111 64
Orangeville District Secondary School
also referred to as "Over Dosed, Slightly Stoned" or "Over Dose Secondary School"

made famous for inventing the popper bottle, and making international news with their fight clubs.
"I went to O.D.S.S. before I wound up in the slamma"
by purebliss October 05, 2006
49 22
A device used to smoke marijuana. See PB
dude, I need to make a popper bottle or I'll never make it though the next two classes.
by purebliss February 11, 2006
51 24
A notorious and potentially dangerous group originating from Orangeville, Ontario
"the snake gang is vandalising the side of walmart again, and it is actually increasing the quality of our town"
by purebliss October 05, 2006
25 13
The act of smoking marijuana from a PB, or another word for getting high.
Instead of doing their English homework, David and Jordan were out hitting p's.
by purebliss February 11, 2006
13 4
a symbol for good luck or hope, seen in many Bright Eyes songs.
"you're the yellow bird that I've been waiting for"

"did you forget that yellow bird? How could you forget your yellow bird?"
by purebliss February 11, 2006
144 138
The act of placing marijuana into a PB or popper bottle for smoking. The marijuna is generally packed into a tight little ball and then forcefully shoved into the end of the metal tube attched to the PB.
I have to pack a p before I go out and smoke more.

Man, you packed that p so tight we're gonna get ripped!
by purebliss February 11, 2006
8 3