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To cuddle against another person or object close with head and or shoulders.
"The kitten nuzzled against the child's neck and purred."
by Jupi February 18, 2003
The flap-like lips or muzzle of an animal such as a dog or camel that hang over the mouth and lower jaw.
I was petting my dog and he totally rested his wet nuzzles on my clean pants.
by Chris Waid February 15, 2008
similar to what a cat does to your neck but it involves a man and a woman. you can nuzzle anywhere! on the shoulder, to the arms to the chest.
I wish you can nuzzle with me in bed tonight.
by thedevltree January 02, 2011
verb; the act of rubbing heads together in an up and down motion
When we nuzzle, Jake and I get extremely horny.
by dredawg123 November 20, 2011
To comfort by rubbing with the face and or head
Kevin Got a nuzzle by that fag from chemistry.
by TheNambuNinja September 05, 2011
When a girl named Lisa, rubs her nose against a guy name Jonathan
lots of rubbing of the noses, aka nuzzles.
by blkspade August 08, 2008
to cuddle up to an object or person in a near foetal embrace. Nuzzling does not involve the use of any limbs, but is perhaps more commonly associated with the nose. There is a time and a place for nuzzling.
'Nuzzle my colon at the gusset buffet!'
by taramosalata August 28, 2003

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