the male equivalent of a bitch
josh is my nut
by supnut April 08, 2004
1. crazy person
2. sperm
3. a Males natural body lotion
he is crazy. he just nutted on julie and she spread it all over her body. she was very ashy when it dried
by josie da pussy cat December 22, 2003
To perform the action of giving fellatio.
See head blowjob fellatio brain
Hey {censored}! Give me some nut now, {censored}! You heard me, {censored} {censored} {censored}, give me nut.
by Xboxlover2 April 05, 2004
When a woman is on top of a man during the act of anal sex, and she farts and tries to pretend it didn't happen. Also applies to men engaged in anal sex.
man and woman in bed, woman on top doing anal sex
Man: Oh, yeah, this is so good, bitch!
Woman: OOOOOOOOooooo yeah, I like it too. fart
Man: ...Did you just fart on my dick?
Woman: No baby, no keep going.
Man: Ahh, hell no. You just nutted all over me!
Woman: What? I didn't nut!
Man: Get off me!
by Ganondorf123 November 06, 2005

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