Not up to scratch. Used in particular for Aussie Rules football players who have bigger reputations than they deserve.
NUTS Riewoldt and NUTS Rocca are both overrated hacks!
by snoopy and lucy October 11, 2007
A pound of marijuana
453 grams, 16 ounces
used normally on the phone
"u have a nut?"
by 3604life May 05, 2007
A shortening of "nothing", which is shortened to "nuttin". Obviously, "nut" comes from a further shortening of "nuttin".
Person 1: So dude, what's up?
Person 2: Nuttin', you?
Person 1: Nut
by rockerest March 07, 2006
in soccer, when you touch the ball through the other persons leg and collect it on the other side, otherwise called panna
ahh! omg, andy just got nutsed!! that newb
by ODI February 19, 2005
Someone who is amazing or does something truely awesome
"Man, Jonny you are a Nutbar"


"You nutbar"
by Ben Stains March 31, 2006
ya also a slang for guns
Straight nuts in your face put your pistols away
by some polak November 05, 2004
the male equivalent of a bitch
josh is my nut
by supnut April 08, 2004

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