1.Noun: A sometimes edible, natural-grown substance that is either eaten or sucked on.
2.Slang;Noun:The male genitals that create sperm cells. See also balls
1. Guy 1:"Ohhh, I didn't know nuts were so good!
Guy 2: "Well you can eat those. You need to stop sucking 'em. All you gotta do is crack 'em open.

2.Guy 1: You're just jealous that I got bigger nuts than you!"
Guy 2: "Whatever." *Balltaps him.*
by ICantThinkOfADangName May 28, 2009
Formally known as a testicle and/or testicles.(balls)
Also known as a game of pool with 15 balls, u gotta hit your nuts in with the plunger, then u hit the black nut in
I used to be really good at nuts, untill i continuously and prematurly hit the black nut in before expiring
by slapapig September 23, 2003
A pejorative term, invoked by a politician, to justify refusing to listen to the concerns of a constituent.
You object to the Patriot Act? Well you must be some kind of a nut.
by Dasnasdi June 16, 2004
The insides of a banana.
Please peal the banana and give me the NUT to eat.
by Platinoa March 18, 2009
A scots slang word for head.
"I'm gonna stick the nut in you"- Some Wee Bam
by [X] September 26, 2006
has two meanings in new york. 1. means to cum. 2. in basketball a player that never passes the ball
1. yo im just trying to hit that and get my nut off. 2. yo son that nigga Kobe a fucking nut that nigga acts like if he aint got no teamates
by rudy February 04, 2005
slang for head-butt
lets strap on a nucular warhead on our heads and nut the cunt into oblivion
by gav November 28, 2003

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