When a woman is on top of a man during the act of anal sex, and she farts and tries to pretend it didn't happen. Also applies to men engaged in anal sex.
man and woman in bed, woman on top doing anal sex
Man: Oh, yeah, this is so good, bitch!
Woman: OOOOOOOOooooo yeah, I like it too. fart
Man: ...Did you just fart on my dick?
Woman: No baby, no keep going.
Man: Ahh, hell no. You just nutted all over me!
Woman: What? I didn't nut!
Man: Get off me!
by Ganondorf123 November 06, 2005
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slang for head-butt
lets strap on a nucular warhead on our heads and nut the cunt into oblivion
by gav November 28, 2003
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has two meanings in new york. 1. means to cum. 2. in basketball a player that never passes the ball
1. yo im just trying to hit that and get my nut off. 2. yo son that nigga Kobe a fucking nut that nigga acts like if he aint got no teamates
by rudy February 04, 2005
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1.Noun: A sometimes edible, natural-grown substance that is either eaten or sucked on.
2.Slang;Noun:The male genitals that create sperm cells. See also balls
1. Guy 1:"Ohhh, I didn't know nuts were so good!
Guy 2: "Well you can eat those. You need to stop sucking 'em. All you gotta do is crack 'em open.

2.Guy 1: You're just jealous that I got bigger nuts than you!"
Guy 2: "Whatever." *Balltaps him.*
by ICantThinkOfADangName May 28, 2009
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Typical lacrosse term meaning the ball.
"Pass the nut bro! alright next time next time."
"bros dont take other bros nuts"
by Rip the Duck April 01, 2010
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A guy on facebook who talks about a reoccuring dream where a T-Rex eats him....that's nuts!
A reoccurring dream. I look out my porch and I see a field with hundreds of Sauropods munching away in the grass. I am so amazed, I walk to the edge of my porch when I hear thundering foot steps coming closer and a HUGE T-Rex runs down the street by the house towards the field but catches me in its left eye and decides to pay me a visit by ripping into my house for a treat. WHATS IT ALL MEAN?!!! IT MEANS YOUR NUTS!!
by McGrathski April 22, 2010
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by dale earnfart February 20, 2014
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