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The "nug" of a marijuana plant spelled in 1337 speak
I have 1 Nurg left out of my 20 sack
by Jsmeeze January 14, 2008
Another word for nug. Meaning buds from a marijuana plant.
-"I wanna blaze, you got them nurgs?"
-"Oh for sure, you got that wrap?"
-"Of course."
by Ickatinan September 13, 2009
dirty black guy; Homeless African American
I know you got money don't be a nurg
by NegroBaby April 06, 2009
A gay or homosexual black man who preferably like his sexual interactions to involve anal sex.
sterling is a nurg
by justtoletyouknow June 20, 2009
An idiot
Bill is a total nurg
by William Winkle Bottom October 01, 2003