anyone who would pronouce word this as nump-tee
Should be nump-tay
you are a complete numpty, you can't even pronounce the word.
by Robbie the pict August 01, 2003
Noun: Numpty
Adjective: Numptious
Adverb: Numptiously
Verb: to Numpt........
Noun phrase: "the height of numptiousness!"
Definition: Some-one who spends their time declining avant-garde vernacular into imaginary grammatical components.......

Yeah that means....... errr me!
by Stu Pid February 09, 2004
martin friend i.e buggers up pc's just by looking at them also see: wong johnny curse of
by Anonymous September 30, 2003
The piece of flesh between your A*** Hole and your Private parts.
I had the runs so bad it was dribbling down my numpty
by Nik January 22, 2004
A person over 50 years of age, who is bad tempered, always wears a cap, sounds like a sheep and is a yard manager in Wilsons Auctions in Portadown.
Wenty you numpty bitch
by Jason Potts December 23, 2003
Dirty Yuppie and Miggers being tools.
'Gorillaz are better than Radiohead' is a numpty statement.

40gb?' is also a very numpty statement.
by yes January 14, 2005
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