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Informal variation of the word cunt. Used in a more casual but mocking sense, similar to the term "hon" for honey.
Don't worry about it, cun.
by Hal Jackson November 09, 2006
Australian style of saying 'cunt'. The letter T is not pronounced.
Oi cun' cum over ere'
Aight mate im gonna have a sheah neah, don't be a cun' alroight!
Oooohhhhhh you CUN'!
by J Ryan November 18, 2007
Slang very common in Malaysia and Singapore, primarily to refer to cute or hot girls, but can also refer to items. Occassionally, used as an expression for "cool".

Pronounced "ch'un" (not "kahn").
That girl is damn cun!

Those shoes are cun, man!

A: I've scored some free tickets.
B: Cun!
by 1USoulja December 24, 2007
caring understanding nigga
Jamaal stopped by with a six-pack on my birthday. what a cun.
by cunluva November 14, 2008
a woman's body parts or when a guy grabs or makes fun or shows her body
that girl is such a cun i kno it. dude, i im going to cun that babe tonight.
by Claire October 12, 2003
verb and noun; a term for female ejaculation, Takes the two words cum and cunt and combines them.
verb; she cunned all over me.
noun; I was covered in cun.
by DeBasement January 10, 2008
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