To have an erection. Derived from the increased prominence of the penis when it is erect and ability to poke a women's leg if they are in close proximity.

Often used in Yorkshire, England.
I was dancing with Jane and got a nudger.
Just thinking about my new 42" TV gives me a such a nudger.
by John T Speed December 07, 2009
being gay or acting like a twat
tour a nudger
by craig March 28, 2004
term to describe anyone as a dumbass. (with implied gaylord tendencies)
Stop being such a nudger and get me a pint.
by woodpidgeon September 20, 2003
a Nudger is a pub nickname(Y)
oright nudger how ya doing?? fancy a beer?
by nudger1107(Y) January 29, 2009

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