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A homosexual male who pefers putting his knob in another guys arse to getting a knob in his own.
George is the bum nudger. Michael is his bitch.
by v13 October 28, 2006
The number of Glasgow Celtic supporters who travelled to Seville in May 1993 to watch their team get beaten 3-2 by Porto in the UEFA cup final.
The initial estimate of the number of travelling supporters was 30,000 , however this has now risen to over 6,000,000.
At this rate it is estimated that by the year 2012 everyone in the world will have attended this match.
John Paul says he was in Seville.
Bollocks he was, he was on the back shift with me.fucking infinity!!!!
by v13 October 28, 2006
Someone who agrees to take a substantial amount of cash in exchange for fitting a bathroom suite/gas boiler/central heating system and then doesnt bother his fat ginger arse to come back and complete the job.

see also gas fitter and fat lazy cunts
That plumber bloke is a fat lazy cunt.
by v13 November 07, 2006

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