One who exhibits qualities of being a Jew, such as having difficulties parting with their money.

Also, tends to be a push-over and doesn't stand up for self.
Dude, stop being a Novak and just buy a winter coat instead of wearing your sweatshirt.
#novak #jew #cheap #push-over #money
by csterbin January 10, 2009
To run down a pedestrian, esp while driving a Corvette. Bonus points if the pedestrian was old and homeless.
Dude, you just about novaked that panhandler. Slow down!
#hit and run #novack #novacked #douche #gop stooge
by ronbailey July 26, 2008
A unit of measure for either width or weight. The width of one "Novak" is approximately 2 feet wide. The weight of a "Novak" is about 300 pounds.
Width: That couch is 3 Novaks wide.
Weight: It felt like i was carrying a Novak on my back on my way to class.
#novack #novac #novax #fatty #humongo
by the_inhaler September 10, 2009
Adjective used to describe a slow or limited intellectual or emotional development or academic progress. This word originates from the Slovenian dictionary. It is often used by people of mid-age.
Stop acting like a Novak! I'm being serious!
Stop this Novakian behavior. You don't act like your age!
#mature #bright #serious #reflective #thinking #stupid
by Cynthia075 June 26, 2009
A conservative columnist and TV personality who resembles Jabba the Hut appearance and tonw.
Novak's on Crossfire, he's about to eat some pie.
by GreenMonter March 25, 2005
this serbian dude who goes to my schoolschool.
Hi Novak Novakovic!
by holylimao September 20, 2004
bitch, faggot, bitch-faggot, small body of water in australia where the jackalope resides
1. Dude, quite being a novak
2. What a novak
3. He's definately a novak
4. Stay away from the novak, the jackalope is a feisty one
#novak #bitch #faggot #niggerfaggot #orange
by Kimberlie September 04, 2007
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