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The term comes from a Messianic Jewish organization founded by the late Moishe (ne Martin, 1932-2010) and Celia Starr Rosen. Called "Jews for Jesus", the organization is a 501(c)3 Messianic Jewish ministry which is often targeted for vile persecution by groups such as the Antimissionary organization Jews for Judaism.
by Nickidewbear August 19, 2011
In unofficial competition with Bratslavia to be the capital city of Slovakia (as Baltimore competes with Washington, D.C.), Košice is a major-enough city to get some notice even outside of Slovakia. Like Suwałki in Poland Russia, Košice was the capital city of its own district in Austria Hungary.
Families in the Košice Jewish community included the Yoshua Rusnak Family, whose patriarch helped lead the Zionist Conference there in 1913. Sadly, the family lost many members during the Holocaust when the Nazis invaded then-Kassa, Hungary.
by Nickidewbear August 23, 2011
Both the correct and a supposedly-archaic term for "Muslim", "Mohammedan" simply means "follower of Mohammed", since one can be a "Muslim" (submitter) or in "Islam" (submission) to anyone to anything.
Therefore, since one can be a "Muslim" (submitter) or in "Islam" (submission) to anything, the term "Mohammedan" would more correctly apply to "Muslims".
by Nickidewbear January 09, 2013
The Khazars were a Turkic people among whom Central and Eastern Ashkenazic Jews resided. While some Khazars converted to Judaism, most did not and remained in the pagan Khazarate religion. "כוזר" ("Khazar" in Hebrew) is not be confused with "חזאר" ("(c)hazar", "pig" in Yiddish)
Contrary to Anti Semitic myth, only 52% of Ashkenazi Levites are descended from Khazarate or Slavic men. The Y DNA marker for these men is R1a1a1 or R-M17.
by Nickidewbear February 07, 2014
Named for the Greek word "Biblios" ("Book") and considered the Holy Book by both Judaism and Christianity (which--at least at its inception--was considered a sect, branch, or spinoff of Judaism named "Messianic Judaism"--regardless of whether it was considered apostate, not-necessarily heretical but still heterodox, or legitimate/orthodox). The parts of the Bible that Normative (Mainstream, Non Messianic) Judaism and Messianic Judaism agree on are the books of Torah, Nevi'im, and Ketuvim--often called Tanakh. Where Judaism and Messianic Judaism divide is the point at which the New Testament (called "Hadashah" for "New" or "News") is eligible to be considered as part of Tanakh (written by some Messianic Jews as "TaNaKH" to include "Hadashah"; written as "TaNaKh" by some Non-Messianic Jews).
A respected or admired book that is not considered a holy book or even a religious text may irreverently or flippantly be called a, or even the, "bible" of its field, subject, or topic of study or exploration. For instance, one might call "The Communist Manifesto" a name such as "The bible of the Far Left," since Communists are very Leftist and subscribe orthodoxly to Karl Marx's and Frederich Engels' ideology as written in "Daas Manifesto".
by Nickidewbear June 14, 2013
Both the correct and a supposedly-archaic name for "Islam", Mohammedism is actually the proper name of the religion of Mohammed.
The politically-incorrect and scary part was that Usama bin Laden was an Orthodox follower and proponent of Mohammedism.
by Nickidewbear January 09, 2013
Hebrew "Hope".
The Hebrew national anthem is "Tikvateinu" ("Our Hope") or "HaTikvah" ("The Hope").
by Nickidewbear August 19, 2011

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