Dodgey guys from above Watford whose dad's worked 'dun t'pit' and now probably sport a comb over and eat 'ovis bread, who have moved down south to get a proper job.

Not easily understood with their strange word phonetics, such as glac for glass, grac for grass, etc...

Think they're cool (obviously not), and are very surprised to find that people actually own stuff in da suff as it's not stolen on a weekly / daily basis.
Stew (with a C) is a typical Northern Monkey.
by Stew with a C July 27, 2006
Top Definition
The foundation of English society. The counter part to the Southern Fairy. Draught beer is a popular tipple of the Northern Monkey as opposed to the copious amounts of drugs consumed by the Southern Fairy. Up front and truthful the Northern Monkey has an honest opinion and also has an impecable sense of humour compared to the non-existent sense of humour of the Southern Fairy. e.g. Peter Kay, Vic Reeves, etc.

The Northern Monkey also happens to be very articulate compared to the Southern Fairy using reasonable English words instead of the general expletive used by the Southerner. e.g. C**t, F**k, etc.
The northern monkey is the cornerstone of English society.
by Ronnie121 June 06, 2007
erm.. a Northener!?
Northen Monkeys hate Southerners!
by leavethisplace June 30, 2003
Any one from the North of England with a sense of Humour.
by Anonymous April 06, 2003
derogatory nickname for a person of northern extraction, usually coined by a SAVNA or a SOUTHERN SOFTY who can't live up to the fact that the north has a better standard of person.
I've been thrashed at pool by that NORTHERN MONKEY
by 8balltiger September 18, 2003
a cheeky northern chappie
by Andy April 08, 2003
nothern male, bigger than most people, with a slightly wild personallity. Have a tendancy towards extreme sports, and crazy doings. Also seem quite slow, but are acctually rather clever. Very proud of there background, and like taking the mick out of southern faires. have the ability to speak proberly, i.e. saying grass, not grarss.
these are all exaples of northern monkeys, steve peat, vernon kay, paddy mcguinnes
by ni 'munky' ck August 14, 2007
weird sort from up norf. although from england, they don't speak the language. they hate margaret thatcher and love gravy. most of them have never made it out of the town they were born in and are very proud of living in the arsehole of england.

when not down t'mine, the northern monkey likes to sit on urban dictionary giving thumbs down to 'northern monkey' definitions and thumbs up to 'southern fairy' ones.
get back down the mine you northern monkey
by iwillbanguout January 18, 2011

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