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A southern fairy is a term used by there counterparts, northern monkeys. The term originates from the inability of southern Englishmen being unable to consume amounts of alcohol over 2 units at any one period.

Other attributes have since been found in the behaviour of southern folk. Such as the inability to talk about their feelings with others and to make confrontation with people also polls also show that Southern fairies happen to be the rudest people living in the UK.
I'm sorry about my friend vomiting after two pints of lager, it's just because she is a southern fairy I'm afraid.
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by Ronnie121 June 06, 2007
The foundation of English society. The counter part to the Southern Fairy. Draught beer is a popular tipple of the Northern Monkey as opposed to the copious amounts of drugs consumed by the Southern Fairy. Up front and truthful the Northern Monkey has an honest opinion and also has an impecable sense of humour compared to the non-existent sense of humour of the Southern Fairy. e.g. Peter Kay, Vic Reeves, etc.

The Northern Monkey also happens to be very articulate compared to the Southern Fairy using reasonable English words instead of the general expletive used by the Southerner. e.g. C**t, F**k, etc.
The northern monkey is the cornerstone of English society.
#northern monkey #realism #humour #southerner #monkey
by Ronnie121 June 06, 2007
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