Any sort of mixed, alcoholic drink that is either made in or drank out of a cooking pan.
"We ran out of cups so we just made Everclear and Koolaid noodles in a sauce pan."
by ISH9000 August 19, 2011
Noodle is another word for bex
Person #1: hey did you see noodle's outfit today?
Person #2: yeah it was so artsy
Person #1: yeah i wish i could dress more like noodle
by Pusswhip October 10, 2010
Adjetive to describe someone who quickly gets intoxicated. Noodles are finished in three minutes- just like the guy that binges on shots and is vomiting soon thereafter.
"Oliver, you're fuckin noodles man"
by jtime8 October 06, 2009
its denglish (german "nudeln" (deutsch)- englisch)
and it means something like to linger in an lazy, bored way.
"In this elevator, there is always music, which noodles in the background"

"He almost does nothing this day, only noodles on the couch."
by Ephraim33 November 29, 2013
What you say when your girlfriend's mom checks her messages and you don't want her to know you want nudes from the chick.
" Go into the bathroom and cook up some noodles!"

" I want some hot, spicy noodles."
by That1Perrsonn August 29, 2010
Asian people, according to the slang of Nik Richie's
"Yo, that chick smells like noodles."

"She must be part Asian dude"
by joobledotz March 29, 2010
A slang term for Asian people.
When you're at a bar and large part of the crowd is Asian, one can say, "man it smells like noodles in here."
by that boi DK March 02, 2010

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