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Usually a very fat person of extreme size, he is normally Indian with a very small penis. He usally likes a girl called Beth Cooper and would like to have sex with her with his pants on because of his small penis.
That man was such a noah last night in bed.
by Urban_Dictionary_God July 06, 2011
13 42
A ginger who is funny and nice and likes people who talk to him at least 3 times, 1 flirtatious comment in each.
dang, quit flirting with Noah.
by issssmaddieeeeeeeeandddalexxxx March 30, 2011
6 35
A derogatory word meant to make peoples precious feelings hurt and make them cry out of their buttholes. Can be used as an adjective, a noun and a fruit.
You're Noah's so fat he has his own zip code
by pablo sanchez666 March 22, 2011
6 37
A bearded midget who directs movies. Also he tends to laugh like a snake and cheats at the game of Uno.
So I saw this really short bearded guy the other day. He must have been named Noah.
by Kagan Phillip April 17, 2010
36 75
The man in the boat...see "Man in the Boat" definition
I stimnulated Noah last night until the floods came
by dvond February 16, 2007
39 91
A very and always depressed person that thinks about himself as fat, stupid, and hates eating. All he does is sleep. And depresses everyone.
A "Noah" entered a school and was being sad which depressed everyone.
by Deathcobra May 21, 2010
20 73
to dance like you're from the 1980's. Requires putting fingers behind back and shaking them like you're on coke. Also, driving vintage cars from the era which happen to travel in time at 88 mph.
With that Miami vice suit he looks like he could be all Noah and shit.
by Jack jensen April 26, 2007
127 183