a d-bag who focuses on nothing in his life but himself. he likes to wear yoga pants, bras, and makeup in his sparetime to enhance his curves (possibly because he is a sexually frustrated man) he likes to cheat on the girl of his dreams who is funny, sexy, nice, fun to be with, faithful, and just an all around babe. he thinks that its okay to keep cheating on this girl, and then break up with her, and keep going back to her. he tells her everytime that itll be different, but its not. the perfect girl he was with before is stupid enough to keep going back to this son of a beach. she still loves him and shes stupid as fock, but hes more stupid to leave her.
jordan: wow look at that manho.
may: yeah hes a total noah.
by jordycordy January 07, 2012
A tall vegan boy who believes in saving the world through eating peanuts and cucumbers and wears camouflage clothing. He is very strange at first sight but grows on people very quickly. He is easy to talk to and enjoys strange music. He has strange habits and desires such as picking others noses. He occasionally is struck by lightning.
Girl 1: Who's penis is on that girl's shoulder?
Girl 2: Must be a Noah!
by girls who lovez them some noah September 25, 2010
A N00blet tree who lives in a cardboard box, and will be forever alone while Darrell and Jayda laugh at his hobo-ness.
Dude, Noah smells like butt.
Don't be a hobo like Noah
He's a bum
by dhkfsla January 03, 2012
smelly, ugly, but hole, and is demanding when wanting to date someone who does not feel comfortable with him
Noah: Go out with me

Girl: I don't like you

Noah: Pleaseee!!


by blondyballerina December 29, 2011
Usually a very fat person of extreme size, he is normally Indian with a very small penis. He usally likes a girl called Beth Cooper and would like to have sex with her with his pants on because of his small penis.
That man was such a noah last night in bed.
by Urban_Dictionary_God July 06, 2011
A ginger who is funny and nice and likes people who talk to him at least 3 times, 1 flirtatious comment in each.
dang, quit flirting with Noah.
by issssmaddieeeeeeeeandddalexxxx March 30, 2011
A derogatory word meant to make peoples precious feelings hurt and make them cry out of their buttholes. Can be used as an adjective, a noun and a fruit.
You're Noah's so fat he has his own zip code
by pablo sanchez666 March 22, 2011

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