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A boy who makes your heart pitter-patter, like rain falling on a windowsill. One who's loving, and adoring, and about the most amazing person in the world. He keeps your heart beat-b-beat-beat-beating. Pretty much the only person you could believe is capable of loving you.
Boy: I can't stop smiling!
Girl: How come?
Boy: This boy! He gives me butterflies!
Girl: He sounds like a sweetheart.
Boy: He is! He's a total Noah.
by khodistarship May 23, 2009
The most beautiful person in the world. Sometimes noted as a celebrity. Mostly looked on as a jerk. To his friends, he might be noted as arrogant, but genuine, and faithful; someone you couldn't hurt.
Boy One: Peter is so annoying.
Girl One: I think He's cute.
Boy Two: He sounds like a Total Ryleigh.
by khodistarship May 23, 2009

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