butt kiss(singular)

kissing on the butt cheeks

plural: nobies
past tense: nobied
present: nobying
"i heard Schaadt and his wife were nobying last night"
by hannah12345 November 16, 2007
Top Definition
An expression used by Newfies to show sarcasm, or over obvious situations.
"I'm stupid"

"No B'y"
by mja2776 January 26, 2012
Not on the boat yet, referring to Chinese girls you meet online who want to move to North America so they are looking to meet Canadian or American guys. Basically they are pre fob
I was chatting with some hot nobys last night. I need to save up for airfare to China.
by vancityguy May 14, 2015
a cool-aid drinker who hates everything.
that man is such a noby.
by tonytonytony October 30, 2007
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