Anyone with a foreign object on their head, such as a turban
Mr. Sidhu had a big nip on his head which prevented him from entering the small door opening.
by Peter Jung December 04, 2007
1. (n) - short for "nipples" usually on a sexy chick.

2. (Adj.) - A pejorative term used to describe someone of Japanese descent; derived from the Cantonese word "Nippon" meaning Japan.
"Bruh, did you see that sexy ass Asian sensation? I'd suck on that lil Nip's nips until I got a cavity.
by CharonTheGreat September 29, 2014
When its cold outside, you say "its all nips out here"
meaning: when a person gets cold, their nipples poke out."
or a slang for nippy or nipples.
its all nips out here!
by SpankyyBoo March 17, 2011
A nickname for a type of water bottle produced by Camelbak. The derivation of its name comes from the bite-suck type of straw used in the bottle. It comes in various colors and sizes and is taking the midwest by storm!
After I bought a Nip, I've had to pee a lot.
by runawayyyyy January 02, 2010
a derogatory term for Japanese and Japanese-Americans originating during WWII. derived from "nippon," which is "Japan" in Japanese. other related terms: nipponese, jap
Let's intern all of the nips and take away their possessions.
by Janice <3 February 27, 2006
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