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To snub someone or humiliate them. To treat someone.
He kept nipping me in class
by HTML Rulez D00d May 18, 2013
A nickname for a type of water bottle produced by Camelbak. The derivation of its name comes from the bite-suck type of straw used in the bottle. It comes in various colors and sizes and is taking the midwest by storm!
After I bought a Nip, I've had to pee a lot.
by runawayyyyy January 02, 2010
an acronym for "Niggas in Paris", a popular song for rap artists Kanye West and Jay-z.
Jessica: Hey, what is N.I.P.???
Reese: It's an acronym.
Jessica: What does it stand for?
Reese: Niggas in Paris.
by Courtnaynay February 17, 2013
a Bay Area word meaning "money".
i dont have enough nips to get to the concert, bruh
by Kerzy De Leon March 29, 2014
an action in which your entire team is down and the last person standing carries the team into the next round. The act of "clutching." Most commonly referred to in Black Ops zombie mode.
Shoot, i need to be revived! nip it!
by Your Girl 0 July 28, 2011
A non intellectual person.

Used for someone who has a low or non existent level of apparent intelligence. Can be used in a humorous or offensive way.
Q. Which is the largest?

A. A Peanut
B. An Elephant
C. The Moon
D. A Kettle

If you think the answer is A, B or D, you're definitely a nip.
by Joshha July 11, 2011
When its cold outside, you say "its all nips out here"
meaning: when a person gets cold, their nipples poke out."
or a slang for nippy or nipples.
its all nips out here!
by SpankyyBoo March 17, 2011