Obviously, a shortened term for nipples.
Also, something someone I know tells everyone to touch.
"Hey you! Touch my nips!"
by kdenx December 10, 2007
The beautiful centers of the tits
Friend: Yo bro i like your nips!
You: Thank bro, have you seen Ashley's nips?
by Mackkkkkkkkk November 23, 2010
nickname for the Japanese.
same thing as jap, although probably not as offensive.
not too many Nips live in Florida, or for that matter, the East Coast.
by KRHimself July 05, 2004
A single alcohol miniature bottle, shooter, shot bottle, etc.
"I reckon TSA will let me bring as many nips on the plane as I like, they're only 1.5 ounces each."
by SpaceGhost88 February 14, 2013
A small (usually plastic) bottle of liquor, the equivalent of one unit of alcohol.
We snuck in a few nips of vodka at the Van Halen concert
by MickeyV April 13, 2011
A shortened version of the word "Nipple"
I saw a picture of you and you could see some Nip.
by conchowino December 11, 2008
Anyone with a foreign object on their head, such as a turban
Mr. Sidhu had a big nip on his head which prevented him from entering the small door opening.
by Peter Jung December 04, 2007

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