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When a woman's cold nipples poke erect through her shirt
Did you see Mrs. Johnson in class today? The room was freezing and she was nipping like a champion!
by mafioso April 22, 2003
Silicon enhancements for middle aged women.
Mike's mom used his grandfather's inheritance to buy implants.
by mafioso April 22, 2003
The sexual act of two people licking one another's assholes; considered to be physically impossilbe.
Jim tried to perform the butthole 69 position with Jenny, but ended up snapping his neck in the proccess
by mafioso March 23, 2003
A name for the penis
John's heat seeking moisture missile was probing Sally's cooch.
by mafioso March 23, 2003
To deficate
I've really got to drop some friends off at the pool!
by mafioso March 23, 2003
Bloody diarrhea that one gets from drinking the water in Mexico.
After drinking water from a roadside stand in Mexico, Jonny was in the bathroom for days with Montezuma's revenge.
by mafioso April 23, 2003
Another term for semen, generally referring to semen in a crumpled tissue, toilet paper, or towel.
I picked up a tube sock in Darryl's room uphauled to find it was saturated with man snot
by mafioso April 22, 2003

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