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Getting busted by the cops.
"Shouldn't we help him?"
(sarcastic)"That's a great idea, let's hop out the van so we can all get nipped."
by A.C. Sativa May 05, 2013
nigger infected pussy, ladies private part that has been penetrated by a black african male.
"Man that girl has been Nipped already." Don't touch her
" I don't mess with Nipped girls."
by kdubs36 February 22, 2011
To be bitten on the nipple, usually in an erotic way.
Person1: My girlfriend loves to sponaneously bite my nipples during sex.

Person2: Yeah, she definitely does. She also likes being the one licked and nipped--Oh shit!
by tribbledibblebibble(sc3n3) December 09, 2011
Under the influence of catnip (describing a stoned cat).
I tried to get Max to calm down and quit pouncing on me, but he was nipped and ended up using my ankle as prey.
by meow2u3 July 29, 2009
Cut off by an Asian driver
I just got nipped on the highway.
by F. Youski May 17, 2016
To receive a body piercing
Check out all those body piercings on that dude. He has been seriously nipped.
by Chuck September 28, 2004
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