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Getting busted by the cops.
"Shouldn't we help him?"
(sarcastic)"That's a great idea, let's hop out the van so we can all get nipped."
by A.C. Sativa May 05, 2013
66 0
nigger infected pussy, ladies private part that has been penetrated by a black african male.
"Man that girl has been Nipped already." Don't touch her
" I don't mess with Nipped girls."
by kdubs36 February 22, 2011
49 25
To be bitten on the nipple, usually in an erotic way.
Person1: My girlfriend loves to sponaneously bite my nipples during sex.

Person2: Yeah, she definitely does. She also likes being the one licked and nipped--Oh shit!
by tribbledibblebibble(sc3n3) December 09, 2011
13 2
Under the influence of catnip (describing a stoned cat).
I tried to get Max to calm down and quit pouncing on me, but he was nipped and ended up using my ankle as prey.
by meow2u3 July 29, 2009
13 5
To receive a body piercing
Check out all those body piercings on that dude. He has been seriously nipped.
by Chuck September 28, 2004
5 25