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Literally, "Nipponese" - offensive WWII-era term for Asian people, esp. Japanese
Tony said his dad claims to have killed a lot of Nips in the Pacific Islands during World War 2.
by manwithaharmonica June 16, 2003
When your nipples become extremely hard.
My nips could cut glass!
by BigB91 January 15, 2008
the part on your boobie that gets hard when your chilly, horny, or kinky.
i got first dibs on your nips.
i have enormous pancake nips.
by sick britt July 10, 2008
verb, to nip or nipping
to take part in a sexual or semi-sexual act almost always involving the mouth or lips.
(Usually only found in the northern brittish isles.)
I saw kate give peter a quick nip on the way to class.
I saw her nipping some guy and it sure wasnt her boyfriend john.
by LeibstandarteAdh (matt b.) March 07, 2007
verb -An act of pinching or rubbing someone(woman)'s nipples, preferrably with fingers (sometimes softly with nails).

noun - nipples of a woman

- While having dinner at the restaurent yesterday, i was nipping her continuously. She was so aroused that she almost screamed in public.
- Yesterday the bus was so crowded and I saw a man nipping a woman standing beside. She could not stop but enjoy as both of her hands were stuck in the jam.


-The wardrobe malfunction at the fashion show caused her nips to be out in the public. I loved the view her cherries.

- I love to suck her nips.
by Dicky Tom June 26, 2010
(Scottish Slang) To "nip" someone is the act of french kissing or making out.
"Did you hear Darren wanted to nip her last night?"

"He nipped her last night"
verb. To partake of an alcoholic beverage.

2. verb. To cut off something- especially so as to prevent further growth.

3. A Jap.
Time for a little nip from the bottle!

2. I'm gonna nip it in the bud!

3. I'm watching the banned Bugs Bunny episode called Nip The Nip.
by Malcolm X-crement December 21, 2003