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Someone who knows the games of Nintendo so fluently that they know all of the secret locations of stuff and what they are. i.e Zelda Stuff
"Dude, I found this Let's Play and this Nintendork knew what was in all the useless Zelda treasure chests."
by Dusty Mc Fries February 13, 2010
A person whom plays a Nintendo console NON-STOP.

Wii on the toilet.
Wii during sex.
Wii while skydiving.
DS while dancing.
Jarrod is such a Nintendork, I heard while tappin' Roberta he was playing Mario Kart!!
Fo' shame.
by Nintendork64 May 16, 2010
A gamer who exclusively plays Nintendo games. They usually own a Wii and some incarnation of the DS. They are also known to not know of the existence of any games besides Mario and Pokemon.

They will often use the saying "I've never heard of that" when popular non-nintendo games such as Call of Duty, Gears of War, or Left 4 Dead are mentioned. They are also known to be quite awkward in their movements due to their intense Wii addictions.
Guy 1: I love Super Mario Galaxy 2!

Guy 2: I love Left 4 Dead 2!

Guy 1: I've never heard of that, what is it? Is it fun?

Guy 2: It's for the 360.

Guy 1: The what...?

Guy 2: My gosh... you're such a Nintendork...
by ThePaleGuy December 13, 2010
a blatant fan of nintendo, one who is in love with nintendo and ignores sony and microsoft.
this one guy hates nintendorks and posted about 10 definitions for it on
by fartknocker April 19, 2003
An overly biased term use boy Sony/Microsoft zealots to offend Nintendo zealots.
The console wars are gay! Make peace, not accusations of people masturbating to games you don't like!
by Neronix July 25, 2003
Scott B. Also Known As The Nintendork Of AIM And Sterling.

Biggest Nerd That's Actually Cool

Either That Or I Just Have no Other Friends

Whichever Comes First

I still love Hannah...Touche
Yo Bro, Wanna Chill Tonight?

Bah Fuck That Man, Im Chilling With Da Nintendork

Aight Man
Peace Out
by Joe_Dude January 29, 2005

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