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completely and totally fucked up off alchohol beyond all recognition. usually associated with drunken rambling, irratic dancing, and vomitting
Jake got totally fuckin jaked at the party last weekend.
by fartknocker April 26, 2004
fighting for control over oil. plain and simple - can't debate it. bush is a greedy fucker who is profiting from iraqi and american casualties.
The war with Iraq has hidden agendas... basically we're puppets on the strings of bush and our government.
by fartknocker November 03, 2004
Sexual intercourse. As said by Bruce Willis in the TV series "Moonlighting".
Hey babe, wanna spend the weekend in Cabo doing the boinky thing?
by fartknocker November 06, 2003
expulsion of fecal matter and intesinal gas while bending over
"Aw, man!! You shizoted all over the wall!!!
by Fartknocker November 16, 2004
a blatant fan of nintendo, one who is in love with nintendo and ignores sony and microsoft.
this one guy hates nintendorks and posted about 10 definitions for it on urbandictionary.com.
by fartknocker April 19, 2003
Someone who doesn't know how to spell Internet
by fartknocker March 27, 2003

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