small balls of tissue and poop that collect around the anus (may sometimes contain hairs)can be used as a insult along with other words. pronounced nig-its
he was a right niggit muncher.
bend over let me see your niggits
by stefmiggy April 26, 2005
This is NOT the "N" word. This is a insult word. This word is used when you want to insult someone but you don't know what to call them.
"EW! Deanna is such..such..such a niggit!!"
"stfu you niggit!"
by emily :) August 14, 2007
A black midget
Person 1-"Yo dude look at that black dwarf over there"
Person 2-"Nah, that's just a niggit"
by Cheese smells nice May 11, 2015
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