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1) Macaroni and chocolate, preferably whole-grain macaroni. You can also add watermelon and kool-aid if you wish

2) Dark-skinned Italian-American that can almost pass as black. Some Germans and Greeks can also pass for black, but the term is mainly used for Italians.
Binaca likes to add lindt and collard greens to her niggeroni.

niggeroni can also mean an over-tanned guido
by polizia August 05, 2010
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The act of two homosexual black men intertwining their dicks to resemble macaroni.
Yo look at that pic of niggeroni, thats fucked up yo
by A. Daddy November 07, 2007
Kraft's product to appeal to the African-American market. Features pasta flavorings including watermelon, fried chicken, crack, kool-aid, and collard greens.
What up yo I'm friggin' starvin' gonna have me some friggin' Niggeroni.
by momexicans July 28, 2008
Macaroni and cheese with hot dogs cut up into nuggets and tossed in the mix.
Hey, we spent our entire welfare check on Colt 45. I guess we're having niggeroni for dinner.
by Joemoemoemamma July 10, 2008
all the traits of a person that makes them a nigger, niggerhood.
Teyshawn better stop hangin wit those white crakas before he lose his niggeroni
by Teyshawn da Balla June 12, 2007
A pepperoni (dick) that is so large it is assoiciated with a black man's wang chung.
"Dang homie, Fred ripped apart that chick last night with his niggeroni....then he filled her butt with pepperoni"
by Shatbox March 18, 2005

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