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Shitty little town in the midwest that seems like it's south of the border. Home of some pretty cool guys.
Why do we call it Momexico? 'Cuz we got Mo Mexicans than anywhere else!
by momexicans July 28, 2008
Kraft's product to appeal to the African-American market. Features pasta flavorings including watermelon, fried chicken, crack, kool-aid, and collard greens.
What up yo I'm friggin' starvin' gonna have me some friggin' Niggeroni.
by momexicans July 28, 2008
Opposite of high speed. One who is not prepared, ready, and flatulating.
by momexicans July 28, 2008
A homosexual person who is too much of a pussy to drink beer so they drink Smirnoff.
WTF Bat quit bein' a queernoff - grow some balls and have some beer.
by Momexicans July 28, 2008
An exclamation of shittiness.
Crapshacks I just dropped that nug out the window!
by momexicans July 28, 2008

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