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Possibly the worst band in the entire history of music. I've got three reasons.

1. Canadians
2. Nu-Metal/Pop Rock
3. Canadians

This band has no talent. Im one of the unfortunate ones who had to listen to Nickelback once or twice.
Guy1 : Hey wanna suck on my balls?

Guy2 : Okay, but first let me put on some Nickelback.
by Grimes March 02, 2006
The act of willfully allowing your ears to be penetrated by a hairy dick. Loved by few hated by most.
Person a: nickelback hurt last night
Person b: personally I enjoy it
Person a: you gross shit
by righteousconsumption October 15, 2014
"Be right back, going for a nickelback."

"Your handwriting is nickelback."

"Hey, did you hear that nickelback Nickelback song?"
by KinkyJ October 28, 2012
1. A non talent bland band that stole everything they could from previous rock bands.

2. A band formed by the biggest douche Chad Kroeger who has the ability to sing in the same range for every song and never write a song that sounds different from the others
Hey man did you hear that Metallica teaser performed by Nickelback? yeah they couldn't finish the song!
by humpdydumpty August 06, 2011
When something is terrible. An experience that makes you feel like you want to be doing anything else besides that activity you are doing.
Man this class is so Nickelback right now! I have got to get out of here.
by Cannon33 November 27, 2011
A band that some people hate and other people "hate". But seriously, Nickelback isn't THAT bad. I would much rather listen to them than what some elitist music snobs and critics call good music. Some people might genuinely dislike their music, but many others dislike them because it's the cool thing to do and it makes them think that they're more sophisticated and intelligent because they like "better music". Why don't you roll over and let the internet and music critics stomp on the other side of your face?
"That band Nickelback isn't that good, but it's much better than what my hipster friend calls good music"
by Sudow00do November 25, 2011
Feces. If you prefer, a turd.
I was listening to the radio walking home, when I stepped in a huge pile of Nickelback. I couldn't get it off my shoe for days.
by fubardotcom November 21, 2011