Although commonly and incorrectly thought to be a musical group (band)....Nickelback have recently been identified as one of the main culprits behind global warming, suicide, and creating sounds used by the military (codenamed songs) to force the enemy to surrender. Also spanish for vomit.
Mexican Child: Mom i feel like i'm going to Nickelback.
Mexican Mother: GOD NO!?!?!?!
by megafish21 May 11, 2011
A terrible band from Alberta, Canada, who did a good job in revolutionizing the already-crappy music scene that exists in this world today. Nickelback invented a new level of SHIT.
Chad Kroeger: Look at this photograph. Every time I do it makes me laugh.

DE: Look at this crappy band, I want to fling shit at them.

DS: Oh yeah! Nickelback bites the big one!

DE: Pwned!
by destructo ermine February 20, 2006
See worst band ever Worst Band Ever
Nickelback blows.
by Dan February 22, 2004
An object which has no purpose, utility, or benefit to any job, task, or problem.
A glass hammer. A paper condom. A fire proof match. A Nickelback.
by SoggyB June 08, 2012
(n) A jewish rock band. They picked this name since they get the Nickelback.
Person 1: Hey, I am going to see Nickelback in concert.
Person 2: Isn't that a cheap ass jew band?
Person 1: Yup, thats them!!!
by EddiesBlackberry November 29, 2011
Lynyrd Skynyrd on meth.
Complete trailer trash like Nickelback.
by TOM(inator) July 26, 2011
A band with great talent. A band many people hate because they think justin bieber and one direction is real music, they are wrong. Real music is right here, Nickelback helps people through hard times and a good relaxing music feel. They can differ from quiet, soft , and calm music to help people through grief or fast and crazy music when people are out partying. People are just mad they can't make or listen to real music
by Gloamist July 02, 2013

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