the crappiest band in the world. should be sent to Mars.
Bob: Yo, I love Nickelback!!!

by Smoskinz December 22, 2009
Things that meet the absolute minimum requirement of acceptability.
Little Caesars is the Nickelback of pizza, or meatloaf is the Nickelback of entrees. So Nickelback would be acceptable if the only alternative was static.
by groovyinutah December 05, 2009
One of two things received by someone giving your mom a dime. We won't mention the other.
Then she gave me a nickelback.
by mofong0 March 14, 2010
When something is so bad, that even if it only cost a nickle, you'd still want it back...
So I saw that movie tonight... talk about a nickelback movie.
by Ziggy85 March 05, 2011
When you fuck a girl on a table and change sticks to her naked back and then she walks around with change all over her back.
"Dude, check out the nickelback on that chick I just banged!"

Oderus Urungus of Gwar likes to have a lot of coins in his dressing room so that the groupies he bangs end up with nickelbacks.
by Oderus Urungus of Gwar August 16, 2009
A band from Canada that used to be good. But, sold out to Mainstream Radio and literally became the worst band ever.
Josh: Hey David can I play you a song?

David: Sure.

(Josh plays "Because of You")

David: These guys are good. Who are they?

Josh: You know that horrible band Nickelback?

David: This is them isn't it?

Josh: Yeah.

David: *pissed off face*
by Bill the Patgoat October 24, 2010
1) When someone returns you a nickel (probably)
2) See mediocre
1) "Here's your Nickelback!", "Oh...thanks!"
2) Hahah, not Nickelback!
by TimFS December 27, 2004
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