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The most amazing guy that I know, he's funny cute, and overall a great] guy, he make's me feel great and gives me butterflies in my tummy :) He's perfect in my eyes :) He also makes thunderstorms very enjoyable ;)
1: You know a guy that gives you butterflies?
2: yeah nick!
by reneemay222 July 27, 2011
A big man.
Hassan:Hey, you know Nick?

Kevin:Yeah. He a big man.
by DestiiiiiiiineeZ February 25, 2010
One with the ability to convice a teacher he is not doing work when in actual fact he is doing more and better quality work than most of the class.
Teacher: Nick! get back to work!
Friend-of-Nick: He is working sir, more than anyone else.
by Brazzzzzzz December 23, 2011
A good friend to all, will always be there for everyone even if he doesn't like them. Unfortunately, when it come to dating, he can never decide what he wants and never makes up his mind. When he has a great girl in front of him he always hurts her and chooses a horrible girl instead. Silly nick.
by NIKKERBOCKERRS. July 29, 2011
A guy that is Usually found wearing 5 Different shirts at the same time. Nick is a name found for a guy with pretty brown eyes with an amazing smile. And also found with shaggy brown hair. Nick is also a very sexy man too

Nick is a guy how is very fun to be round, he can have a soft side. But then he can be a serious dick. nick is a guy who smokes pot, and drinks. Also Nick is a person is found wearing his presious shoes, mostly Jordans Or Nikes.
Nick is a guy who is charming is ways too.

Other things about Nick is that he is a Facebook Whore.
he likes to play "zombies or "black ops"

AND a verry interesting fact about a guy named nick is, that his penis is very large. and all the girls want it. And One more fact about a nick is that he WANTS TO FUCK EVERY GIRL IN THE WORLD.
by Stalkersroegon January 01, 2011
A guy who at first seems like a gentleman, but when he's with his buddies he acts like a complete asshole.
Also rhymes with Dick.
Dude... I saw Nick earlier today and he was being so nice to me. But then I saw him again a few hours ago with his friends and I said "hi" and he told me to go get laid.
by mrdonn April 25, 2011
to bleed from the anus in a bucket then dump the bucket on someone screaming 'anus attack'
i nick on bob and he liked it
by grapys November 24, 2011