A guy that is Usually found wearing 5 Different shirts at the same time. Nick is a name found for a guy with pretty brown eyes with an amazing smile. And also found with shaggy brown hair. Nick is also a very sexy man too

Nick is a guy how is very fun to be round, he can have a soft side. But then he can be a serious dick. nick is a guy who smokes pot, and drinks. Also Nick is a person is found wearing his presious shoes, mostly Jordans Or Nikes.
Nick is a guy who is charming is ways too.

Other things about Nick is that he is a Facebook Whore.
he likes to play "zombies or "black ops"

AND a verry interesting fact about a guy named nick is, that his penis is very large. and all the girls want it. And One more fact about a nick is that he WANTS TO FUCK EVERY GIRL IN THE WORLD.
by Stalkersroegon January 01, 2011
an incredibly hot man with just the right amount of chest hair and a huge dick
dude i wish i looked like nick
by hiddenrain August 04, 2011
At birth the name is given to you if your weiner is larger then 5.7". When older the one named nick shall battle in an arena to death with all the worlss deadliest animals, killing them and wearing the remains as a banana hamock to fit on his penis. This penis will also be tested in battle, it is forced to participate in sexual combat with multiple partners on to finish them in a consecutive manner. Because of this long hard battle, Nick is no longer susseptable to insults. Instead he karate kicks them and eats good comments and compliments in order to achieve a great nutritious stanpoint. In talking about Nick you must Refer to the amount of females he gets at least once or twice and must always end the sentance with "he's soo cool". If your name is Nick you must, before starting a task, say what your doing and the word "Time"

EX. if your conducting "buisness" of any sort you must say:
Ayo what time is it? Oh Yeah it's Buisness time!
Cynthia: Oh my god nick you are soo big, and that was some of the best bangin ive had in years
Nick: Shut up Bitch...Make me a Samich

King Leonidas' real name was Nick
by Everyone Named Nick June 04, 2011
the one who never leaves your mind, the one who you never meant to fall in love wit the one who took your heart long before you gave it to him. He is the one you will never give up one because he sent some criptic text saying we're over... he is the one you look for in a crowd cuz you just have to even though you know he isnt there the one will do anything for you he is and always will be the one you love no matter wat. he may cause you to cry and not sleep, eat or think for days on end but he is the one to make you smile no matter how long it takes he is not happy untill you are he will let you drink all 12 cups of tea even though he thinks you need to chill aqnd he made your dance the best day of your life he is the one and hope that one day hell see it even though he may never realize its me
I love you and i cant change your mind i just need you to know nick
by babygirl2244 February 10, 2013
The skater, punk, bad-boy who had a soft spot for you.
The one who stole your heart away but kept it safe.
The one who played and sang a song about you.

The one who was there through thick and thin.
The one who was your best friend.
The one with the goofy smile, deep eyes, and great shaggy hair who let you steal his hoodies and never asked for them back. The one who held you close and made you smile when you were about to cry. The one you first opened up to. Your first love. The one that got away.
I feel so nastolgic when I think about Nick. I think about Summer, long drives, and fireworks. I think about how I'll never get that back. Only Nick made me feel that way.
by Schelbonkabonk October 12, 2012
An amazing person who loves pussy, large boobs, and tons of sex. Ussually has a large cock, and can fuck more than one woman at a time. A great boyfriend for any girl, is sweat, affectionate, cool, loving, and most of all the greatest boyfriend a girl could ever have.
Girl 1: "Hey, whose that hot sexy boy?"
Girl 2: "Oh, thats my boyfriend Nick, you jellous?"
Girl 1: "HELLZ YA!!!"
Girl 2: " Thats what I thought..."
by Funk314 May 22, 2011
A guy who at first seems like a gentleman, but when he's with his buddies he acts like a complete asshole.
Also rhymes with Dick.
Dude... I saw Nick earlier today and he was being so nice to me. But then I saw him again a few hours ago with his friends and I said "hi" and he told me to go get laid.
by mrdonn April 25, 2011

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