Nia is a high-flown Narcissist, devoid of a basis for her bloated self importance, as she has lived a privileged, coddled life heretofore, and confuses superiority with early luck.

By means of sexual austerity, hyperbolic attempts to feign shyness, and (paradoxically) social network self-glorification, a Nia builds a primitive mystique, thereby seducing popularity among a cult of dim witted followers.

A recent study indicated that Nias may actually be robots, as they have tested capabilities at generating trite ideas and exploiting pop culture as a means to appear original, however items like empathy, a comprehension of human suffering, inner substance, and a pulse tested absent.

A Nia's blank slate personality obliges any idealized image you wish to project, making her most appealing to shallow persons who resent strong personalities, diversity, distinct characters, and authentic principals.

Nias claim merit for unearned titles. For example, she may call herself a Doctor, despite never even having earned an Associate's degree.

Nias can be found hiding behind big words and grandiose concepts.

Nias avoid genuine intimacy, humility, bright colors, vulgar discourse, Buddhism, shenanigans, and using citations when attempting to write academic-style.

Her cinema doppleganger is 'Eve Harrington.' She had the manners of an ambassador and the morals of a pirate.
by Go_Celtics November 02, 2010
Top Definition
(knee-uh)An open minded person that has a deep insight on the personalities of others. Highly respected and adored, a Nia could rule the masses. Always having something new and exciting to do, one can never get sick of a Nia, even if she killed a man. A Nia is also an intensly unbelievable kisser.
Whoa, that nia saw right through me.
Oh Jeeze, Im deffenitley not bored with this nia.
Mmmmm. Your almost as good as a nia!
by J Fondle September 04, 2007
A sexy female with a nice juicy booty. Often stared at by white boys, grown ass men and black boys. Often hated on by fellow girls with no ass.
That shortie got a nice Nia.
I wanna tap that Nia.
Can I tap that Nia?
That Nia is lookin scrumptious today.
by Heartbreakin March 05, 2007
Nias are the nicest and most adorable people you will ever meet. They are outgoing and super sweet.

Nias are very smart and have an adorable laugh.
Nias are great people to have inside jokes with, and will laugh at almost anything.
Nias are very sensitive to race-related jokes, and try to keep the peace with everyone.
Nias are loyal friends who will listen to all your problems. They are also beautiful people who do not usually realize it.
Girl: Smile, girl, you're beautiful.

Nia: ;)
by SantaClauseeee January 02, 2013
1. A sex magnet. A sex Goddess. Unbelievably irresistible.

2. A very fast outrageous swimmer. Said to even win a gold medal in the Olympics. The best at swimming

3. A Female who is said to win any sport
Who she is a Nia

She is my Nia
by Truth_teller1233214 January 08, 2011
a sexy chick with a sexy bomb to drop on everyone. The sexiest thing alive. Shes got some sexy moves. Born like a godess Aphrodite like. Can be found in sexy town in Alabama.
Is as hot as Mexico, and damn shes good.
Damn i wish i could be as good as a Nia!
That Nia got nice moves!
Woah shes as sexy as a Nia!
by DanTheMan8 May 12, 2010
A Nia is a very out going person with a GREAT sense of humor. A Nia is not camera shy and loves attention. A Nia is very honest with her friends. Also a Nia is very athletic. Running, Dancing or playing Basketball is something should would do outside of school.
Wow, that Nia is really funny!
by Silkypjs45 February 03, 2015
A Nia is a sexy very independent woman, looks Blasin, born in july, Great kisser, funny, smart, friendly, nice to people (sometimes), fun and great in bed, good hair, hated by jealous girls.
That Nia is Sexy
That Nia looks Blasin
I am really jealous of that Nia
I wanna be just like Nia
by Austin1990 November 15, 2013
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