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An Vietnamese word; meaning "Little One", it can be used as a name or middle name.
Person 1: What's that Viet girl's name?
Person 2: It's Nhi.
by Passion Fruitiee! January 18, 2008
Acronym used by police to describe crimes between vicious criminals. (No Humans Involved)
I'm not wasting too much time time trying to solve this MF-er; its an NHI
by David November 03, 2003
A girl who you will find as your best friend . She is unique in every way and i love her to bits . She is MY BFFL ♥
Nhi : Caring & Trustworthy in every way :)
by MissBlackNails July 02, 2010
Nhi is a female Vietnamese name meaning 'little one'. Most dads choose this name in homage to their penis
Person 1: hi, my name is Nhi Tran
Person 2: your dad named you after his penis?!
Person 1: absolutely, I'm also going to name my daughter Nhi
the short awesome asian who is also super funny
oh your so funny nhi.
by thatgirlsodope November 01, 2012
Never heard it
"Hey have you heard -insert song name-?"
"No, NHI."
by allykins July 19, 2009
NHI - Never Heard It
Did you hear Beyonce's new song? Nope, NHI.
by cow8023213 October 19, 2009

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