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Nickname. Affectionate term for one of your favorite people who happens to be petite or diminutive. Very lovable and adorable person. People love to hug this person because she fits well into their arms because of her small size.
Come give me a hug, Little One.

I adore my Little One because she fits just right!
by celebri-T April 04, 2009
A term used as affection from a male to a female.
Origin: Out of print album by Jon Luvelli titled, "Scratch".
"Sup little one, you lookin fine tonight."
by XXLmag September 01, 2008
An epic nickname for a younger sister given by an older sister for being exactly like her, looks and all. Is quite tiny, and cute.
That's my little one
by MandizzleKid September 25, 2010
A very attractive young woman with a very playfull personality, who's body type is slender with perfect curves. When held Littleone fits perfectly in your arms and under your chin like matching puzzle pieces. Littleone also has a voice so sweet that it is near impossible not to be aroused sexually when heard. To be referred to as Littleone she must also have a shining smile that can brighten a whole room instantly. Littleones also have a distain for vulgar men, the term 'ointment', and of course bananas.
Him - "Hey, come over here and gimme a hug"
Her - "I'm super busy right now!"
Him - "Oh, c'mon, Littleone. It'll only take a sec."
by rippledtwine February 21, 2011
"Lil-won" is a term used for someone who is down, or affiliated with a click or group, but who is young in age or in senority.
Slow down lil won, you doin too much.

Lil won, you sure you ready to jump off the porch?
by D Hambone October 25, 2004
One easily shoved into a trashcan.
Bully 1: "He's not fitting in the trashcan!"
Bully 2: "Put the Little One in the trashcan then!"
by HW:) June 06, 2011
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