the netherlands are great because nothing ever happens here.

be as it may, you hate use dont you.... because weed is legal here and we can have sex with hookers... and gays can get married here. most of you republicans are closet gays arent you. the netherlands is a great country, the last bastion of free thought and civilizations. unlike america and..or china who all gave in to either capitalism or communism...

we are socialist, you see balance that what we dutch are good at. capitalism..socialism..communism.

most of the dutch people here are GAY, and LIBERAL. and we are all COMMIES and we hate CHRISTIANS. that why i love my country. and we worship the dark lord.

think about it christians.. 60 procent is devoutly atheist, weed is legal and so is prostitution. there are sex shops everywhere. and you can watch PORN on public tv after 8 o´clock. satanism is very populair here too.
i love the netherlands
by Cro..Scream March 11, 2006
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A great little country nestled between Belgium and Germany. People speak Dutch there and go everywhere on a bicycle. They're famous for their tulips and windmills, but they have great cities too. Go there and check out the awesome art, fachion , and architecture.
"I'm going to the Netherlands this summer to get down with my Dutch homies."
by Chickee April 22, 2005

European country North of belgium, east of the UK and west of Germany. The people there speak Dutch. The Netherlands is also known as Holland, however Holland is just a province. The capital of The Netherlands is Amsterdam.

Non-Dutch people often think that the language Dutch is German. THIS IS NOT TRUE! Dutch is NOT german for german, but Dutch for Dutch.

In Dutch:
"Ik ben Nederlands."
"I'm Dutch."

I'm Dutch, I'm from The Netherlands and I speak Dutch.

by Jafje May 06, 2007
Mills, Wooden Shoes, Cheese, Marihuana, Hookers and Tullips. Have to say more?
I am a citizen of the Netherlands
by William March 06, 2004
awesome country best french fries and cheese
the netherlands are going to win world cup 2006
by crAZzycoOkie August 15, 2004
The only country in the whole wide world where you can buy Marijuana in a shop. It's the best country in the WORLD!!
Im'a smoke me some ganja while staying in the netherlands
by Ganjasmoking March 31, 2011
A post-colonial novel by Joseph O'Neill about A Dutch, cricket playing banker who has trouble adjusting to life in New York, plays cricket, and and rambles on about it.

P.S: It is officially gone B.O.A (Barack Obama Approved)

"A great book"
Dave: How the fick did Chuck die in Netherland? O'Neill is such a wanker for not explaining it.

Phil: It's a shit book, so why should you care?

Dave(with a resentful expression): True

Phil: LOL! XD Havent you heard, Taspinar is Chuck risen from the dead! Only the messiah could deliver such monologues.


Phil: Chuck's out of time and space, you know... or did you not know that?
by slinshady October 08, 2009
An innuendo for a the sexual reproductive organs.
Johnny: Oh man I'm gonna get put the old of staff of life right in Sarah's Netherlands tonight!
by TheBerries October 22, 2014

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