An extremely messed up, overadvertising, dumb, commercialized site started in 1999. If you were a player for a long time, you would understand the stupid changes they made. If you started after 2004, and you're still defending it, you're a stupid fanboy/girl. There is no other word to describe this highly addicting and liferuining site other than STUPID and unfair. Here's reasons why:

Overadvertising, commercials, ads, you name it! You don't even have to visit a porn site or any other busy to the ass sites to see this. Go to and see there's huge ad on top, a huge ad on the bottom, an ad on the right, and now, you even see ads in their popup game windows! They disabled the popup window games so they can have the games load on the same page as the ads for increase ad revenue. And I bet people go "use Adblock" well let me break it to you, not everyone uses Firefox, and not everyone knows how, and even when you do adblock, it just blocks the ad, not the entire frame.

They add different methods of luring people into their site. First they started off with collecting virtual trading cards, and it wasn't good enough because it was free, so that fab dropped. Then in 2004, they added avatars and "Neopets Premium" which gave rich people a few perks just to bribe them to stay, which eventually faded in 2007, so if you wasted your money and neopoints on them for three years, THEY AREN'T RELEASING ANY ANYMORE AVATARS! Then they added sidebar themes and that eventually stopped because they changed the site to a new cluttered, stupid and disgusting layout. Now they are using the stupid NC Mall and now you use real money to buy your pets some clothes to wear.

What happened to the simple Neopets? And then when they "maintenance" the pound because they thought their dumb virtual pets had feelings, what about now? We're dressing up our dumb looking pets acting like they don't even have feelings. Well they never did have feelings because they aren't real.

They changed the whole site completely. Other than the fucked up ads they added in, you notice how it went from a simple layout (a sidebar navigation) to then a sidebar navigation and a top bar, and now it's a top bar and another horizontal navigation bar which looks disgusting and had many users angry. Then they had the need to add more "intro boxes" like in your items page, the into would have a stupid image and a small paragraph about what you can do with your items when it's pretty self explanatory. Then on the games page, they changed the simple four images to about 20 tables of categorizing which makes the site look utterly gross and cluttering. And with dialup, you'll take years before that whole page is done loading, along with a few broken images you may get.

They also had the need to change the navigation for the shop area that used to be a cool looking scroll with icons on it, now it's just plain text for so stupid reason. They could make all these dumb changes to their layout but they can't even fairly distribute things to their players?

Their contests are extremely unfair and hard to win. They act like many players are actually on their site. They choose the corniest jokes, ugliest pictures, and worse random contest projects. They promote favoritism, and treat very famous players nicely and who knows if they are actually real. They have been unfairly freezing people for no apparent reason since 2004 where all the changes started happening.

They changed all the Neopets looks for them to fit into the stupid clothes you have to buy to let them wear. Now the all have a hideous pose with their fist coming up.

No neopoints? Tough luck, the most anyone would usually get is about 10,000 NP a day spending about two hours playing their repetitive and copied games. You'd save for a year before you get a million NP and before you know it, it's not even that much neopoints. The deal is, if you don't have Neopoints, don't expect the game to be easy. You can be playing your whole life and still be only 20% completed. Their game high scores are impossible to get yet many players managed to get them anyway, so if you're an average player, forget getting a flash game trophy because it will never happen. You can score 9,000 on Suteks Tomb and that's considered good, yet people on the charts oddly scored 100,000 and up.

If you don't have fast internet, you could expect yourself not doing shit. Their flash games have to be waited to load, then wait for the background to load, then wait for the actual game to load. Back then it was just a simple clicking on the Chias or the blumaroo head spinning. Now they added these stupid ugly animations that just blinds you. Their games have bad music, long ass intros, you'd watch for like 20 seconds before you can actually play (usually can't skip these small animations) and then you'll realize the game sucks. They also renamed games because they felt they were "offensive."

They changed numerous games and a lot of them got the worse changes and made the game heavier to load and longer to start. Sometimes you don't even get your neopoints because there's an "error" when you send score and then you have to play all over again. Everything in the game is massively expensive, things inflat everyday, anything you get can be worth shit, and when you throw it away, the next day it could be 10,000,000 neopoints. They retire so many paint brushes so they can lure you to buy their clothes with REAL MONEY.

The left sidebar is annoying as fuck. There's a stupid image of your pet saying the same 5 comments over and over again. Then if you visit your quick references, you see three images of your same pet, then in your items page, you see another two images of your pet. THEY WANT YOU TO GET SICK OF SEEING IT SO YOU CAN WASTE MORE TIME ON THEIR SITE CHANGING YOUR PET OR MAKE YOU SPEND REAL MONEY TO DRESS THEM UP!!

The staff is so uncaring, mean, give bad excuses and rude comments. They told my unfairly frozen account has been inactive for too long to be recovered, which is a lie. They just me to play MORE on their site. My whole life playing since the changes in 2004, I only got one response from them when I emailed the staff. Usually you send them a message, you never get a response.. NOT EVEN AN AUTO RESPONSE!

So obviously, if you weren't a long term 7 year player like I was, you wouldn't know shit about the changes they did because you just started playing and act like the biggest suck up to the staff. If you HAVEN'T heard of this site, do yourself a favor and stay away from it before it takes you down to hell with them. is the worse site and yet they promote themselves to be the "best" site with their gay merchandise and cheaply made t-shirts and happy meal toys. Their rare item codes on the toys don't even give you rare items! The item just says "(Rare)" but it's really worth about 400NP most of the times.
by Adeeb Bachchan July 10, 2008
A Neopet is virtual pet which can be created after you make an account at

There are many different species to choose from and many things you can do with them after they have been created. For example you can buy a paint brush for it and change it's colour, or you can train it up to become more powerful and fight other pets in the battledome. You can also play games with them which probaly the main reason people sign up to the site in the first place.

I decided to buy a paint brush and paint my neopet Disco.
by Friskysquirt June 03, 2006
I used to play neopets but I got addictided so I stopped. It used to be alright but some nazi geezer crapped it all up you get frozen for no reason in hell!
Neopets sucks- I got frozen for calling my neopets shit_head when thats what my child's gonna be called.
by Stacie July 27, 2004
Literally means "new pets."

I totally agree with the definitions already put.....I'm addicted, that's what my mom and dad say. I really should be practicing more piano and working on my homework and projects harder, but yeah, the site is addicting people. Warning. It is very addicting. I already am okay neopoint-wise (the currency there) but I mainly use it for chat now.....even though I can say practically nothing other than neopets talk, which is really boring.....but I don't know.....I like talking to people like in Canada or across the U.S., so I guess that's why.....hmm.....I dunno, I guess adam and donna know how to addict people.....
Neopets is addicting. Go on it, and you probably will get addicted. They freeze too many people, and I got a warning for doing a gift war on the boards. Really really strict.
by C.C. December 22, 2004
Neopets... Used to be fun but now is just a big stinking pile of report-happys, glitches and POWER-CRAZY LEADERS, e.g. Adam and his asparagus.

You are reported for saying, hi, church was sooooo cool today, we sang songs! The site is over-run by n00bs who can't spell and trip over each other to report you.

You haven't got a hope in hell of winning any contest as all the 30 year old freaks are sticking their brains in. Advertising has taken over the site. Who cares about what McDonalds is serving today? It's never open anyway!

Your pets can starve but there is no way to actually kill them, why oh why did I ever join neopets and think it was fun.

I joined when I was only about 7, they took great fun in freezing my account by saying I was stealing from someone else! I WAS 7 YEARS OLD!

(Also, the contests are very, very hard!)

Lenny Conundrum:

A man walks around Neopia 17 times, he starts off on the 14th of May, on the way, he stops 5 times for 20 minutes, 3 times for 8 minutes and 9 times for 18 minutes! Overall it takes him 96 hours to walk around...

How many cream buns did his Chomby eat on the way?

Answer next week: 5 and a half, he lost his appetite on the 5th!

0 users won this neopets contest!
by Indigox April 09, 2007
Same thing as Pepsi, a scam.

Guy 2: Told you, you were gonna get fucked.
by Fuckthepainaway March 21, 2005
A highly addictive virtual pet site that started out small and close-knit, with the staff caring a lot more about the users and the rules were not so strict. There were no advertisements or sponsor games/items. In about 2004 they started to get a bit more greedy and money hungry, so they started to make mcdonald's meals, plushies, books, magazines, keychains, even clothes. This caused a bunch of little kids and n00bs to run wild all over the site, and the deletion of the GC (General Chat) caused them to infest the regular boards, like Help Chat and Avatar Chat. Then they started to put ads all over the site, some being innapropiate, and sponsor games. The rules became a lot stricter, and now you cannot post any picture of you on the site, doesn't matter how you are dressed, you can be wearing a snowsuit and you would still get frozen. There are absolutely NO swear words, not even 4 letter words like hell or damn, and if you make a board relating to anything in real life, you will be warned. Many users have gotten frozen for no reason, and TNT (The Neopets Team) often makes big decisions (like the layout change in 2007) with no consideration of the users. Neopets is still a fun site, with games, items, pets, guilds, chat, graphics, and so much more. It is very enjoyable to unwind for a few hours on Neopets after a long day, but the site isn't what it used to be. Nowadays Neopets has a premium service for almost 100 dollars a year just for a few more random evens and an extra mailbox. They have the NC Mall (Neocash Mall), with special clothes and trinkets that move. You can buy Neocash cards for up to 25 dollars, or if you have paypal, you can spend as much as you'd like. My conclusion is Neopets is still a very fun site, but it used to be better without the addition of ads, more rules, and merchandise galore.
If you hate looking at ads everywhere you go on Neopets, visit for a step-by-step adblocking tutorial that works in AOL, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla Firefox.
by Jazzy_Rock July 10, 2008
A highly addicting game with virtual pets that can suck you in quite easily. However, Doug Dohring screwed the whole site over by adding huge ugly banners on every page, and the idiot total is rising quickly. If you can get around such things (Adblock for Firefox and Italian boards!), it's a nice site to be on... I recommend having one main account and one account to chat with, as the report-happies suck.
Me: ... Yeah. I play Neopets.
Me: -sweatdrop- No.
by Naru February 25, 2005

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