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Much more awesome and/or fun than stuff.
Syi: Yo Rayoe, what's up?
Rayoe: Eh, y'know... just stoof.

"Hey man, did you bring the stoof?"
by Syi May 26, 2009
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A word referring to stuff that people do and is very funny
Man look at that guy hes got the stoof
by nebkiller April 25, 2011
Random things. Low country British for "stuff"
Black pudding is blood sausage and oatmeal with other stoof added
by BlueLew May 08, 2015
A slang term for marijuana. Most commonly used to specify the contents of what your referring to when saying "stuff".
Person 1: "Hey man! Party tonight! You got the stoof?"
Person 2: "Yeah man, I got the stoof."
by Klitz Hitler January 29, 2012
A minky person, with a big nose, big bottom lip, funny eyebrows, bug eyes, a funny fringe and cheaply dyed hair! oh and they smell bad :P
Oh my god look at stacey shes the stoofs!
I know look at her! Shes fooney!
by glenspy 32048727a## November 02, 2009
another word for sex, or when you want to fuck.
**girl walks by**boy says to his friend***
hey man, tryna stoof?
by hornymofoo April 15, 2011
Stupid + Fuck = Stoof
he really did that? what a stoof
by jcie July 26, 2011
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